Hi I'm NatashaCeratti

Last update: Jun 21, 2024


My description is : Greetings, seekers of passion and unity. I am Natasha, a soul woven with threads of light and shadows, a living poetry in the book of existence. My eyes reflect the warm embrace of the sunset, and my smile is the melody of a sunrise in your presence. In the dance of time, I find the choreography of my spirit; each movement is a stroke on the canvas of life. I seek someone who shares my affinity for the dance of life, who wishes to explore the nuances of our entwined souls as we dance beneath the twilight ether.

I like: In my free time, I dance with the shadows that the sunset gifts us, I immerse myself in the pages of dreams, and I savor the music that whispers to the heart. I am drawn to sensitivity, the passion that burns like fire in the darkness, a mind that is an ocean of depth and mystery.

I don't like: I find no pleasure in the stillness that emanates from apathy, nor in empty words carried away by the wind. I distance myself from souls that cannot see beyond their own reflections, who do not value the magic of a heart that beats in rhythm with life.










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